Continuous Om Tryambakam Homa in Tapovan

"On March 25th, 2001 we commenced our continuous Om Tryambakam Homa Fire.

   This year we celebrated the 13th anniversary with a small ceremony at 11am here in Tapovan. As far as we know this is the only Fire of its type on the planet at the moment where people from any caste, any religion and any nationality can participate at any time given.

  Dr. Ulrich Berk from Germany was the special guest. He performed Vyahruti Homa after which he gave a short talk about the importance of the Fire and congratulated us on our achievement of 13 years.

Also some pictures of the Agnihotris who have contributed over the years including Prabhakar (Nana) Patil and Tryambak (Bua) Kankhare, the two anchormen who have each maintained the Fire for at least 6 hours per night, 15 nights per month, since the commencement of the Fire in 2001. Without their devotion we could not have reached this milestone."

(Photos: 1) Anne and Bruce, the guardians of Tapovan, celebrating the anniversary with Mantras and Chants
2) Dr Ulrich Berk during Vyahruti in the presence of Agnihotris participating in the continuous Tryambakam Homa and children from Tapovan school.
3) Mr. Tryambak Kankhare (left) and 4) Mr. Prabhakar Patil (right), the Fire stalwarts.)

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