Drought Broken

Great news! After a better than average monsoon in most of India, albeit with dangerous flooding in many parts, here in Tapovan we can report that we have finally come out of the last several years of extreme drought conditions. We experienced a very gentle monsoon with many days of continuous light showers. There was also very good rain in the catchment areas of Maharashtra which feed our water system. In fact the Girna dam near Malegaon, which supplies much of our water, released water into the Girna river and this water finds its way to our nearby Bhokabari lake. After several years of being completely dry this lake now is 50% full. And this water should provide enough to sustain us through the long hot summer next year.

Tapovan, Ancient Land of Tapas, Land of Yogis and Rishis

   It was a gift to be in Tapovan with the wholly dedicated and devoted Homa Therapy couple, Anne and Bruce. They were placed there by Master Shree Vasant for this big task at hand:
Anne Godfrey (photo above right) and Bruce Johnson
(photo above left)
are the caretakers, guardians and sustainers of the Homa farm Tapovan with its unique 24-hours  ongoing Tryambakam Homa. 
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New School Year Starts

Here in Tapovan the new school year has started. The school has now expanded to more than 200 children ranging in age from nursery up to 4th standard. We now have a third school bus to allow for efficient transportation. Some children come from villages 8 to 9 km away.