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Tapovan is a 15 acre Homa Organic farm situated in the north of Maharashtra state in India, owned by the Paranjpe family of Dhulia. The caretakers are Bruce Johnson and Anne Godfrey from Australia who have been staying on the farm since 1997.

Tapovan is unique, a delightful oasis. Tapovan is an ancient place of Healing Fires. During the course of time this practice was lost and now it is revived.

Tapovan is a teaching centre, where anyone of any caste, creed, colour or nationality can learn about Agnihotra and the other Yajnyas (Healing Fires) that are practised here daily and where one can experience directly the healing results which derive from regular practice of these Yajynas.

In March 2001, we commenced 24 hour round-the-clock Om Tryambakam Yajnya healing fire which continues to this day.

Welcome to Tapovan
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Welcome to Tapovan

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Tapovan is an ancient place of Healing Fires. During the course of time this practice was lost and now it is being revived.

Tapovan is a practical example of the healing power of Agnihotra and other healing fires of Homa Therapy which are practised here daily.

We share these ancient Vedic techniques of healing with anyone who wants to learn and implement them in their daily lives.

Tapovan is a working Homa Organic Farm. The whole garden is a testimony to the healing power of Homa Therapy when applied to agriculture. We grow many varieties of fruit and flower trees, vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts, medicinal and culinary herbs.

Cows are an important component on a Homa Farm. The Tapovan Goshala (cow refuge) accommodates an assortment of cows, bulls and calves which provide us with all the cow dung needed for the Homa healing fires here at Tapovan and for other Agnihotra practitioners in the local community.

24 Hour Round-the-Clock Fire

Sunset on 25th March 2001 in Tapovan, saw the commencement of continuous round-the-clock Yajnya healing Fire to the accompaniment of Om Tryambakam Mantra. Several countries have hosted such a Yajnya over the past 40 years (Germany, Chile, Australia and USA). But as far as we know, this is the only place in India or on the planet at the present time where Yajnya of this type is manifest physically.

This Yajnya is unique. First, it is being managed by two Australians, Bruce Johnson and Anne Godfrey with the assistance of the very capable Tapovan manager, Sanjay Patil. Also there are no restrictions on caste or creed, age or gender. People from the surrounding villages from all communities and castes are maintaining this revolutionary Yajnya. There are only two requirements:

They must first start regular practice of Agnihotra sunrise/sunset healing Fire in their own houses.
Ladies in monthly period should not participate in Yajnya.

It is our intention to maintain this Yajnya round-the-clock indefinitely.

This Yajnya has power. Its influence will be felt not only in this particular region, but also in the whole of India and even on the entire planet. Anyone may come and sit in the hut where the Yajnya is maintained. Nothing is told to them and no payment is asked. They can simply benefit from the healing energies of the Yajnya. This is a great community service.

Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj once said,

“We had told you that greatest work is going to be done from this place, (Tapovan area). That time is now near.”

And again at about the same time Shree Vasant Paranjpe told us,

“Only through FIRE can the planet be healed. Through intense practice of YAJNYA a reverse trend can take place. IT IS A RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK. For this people need to have some discipline, some structure in their lives.

Man driven by greed, in his crazy race for power, knowledge and domination has drilled the atmosphere and its subtle levels of Pranic energy. This is done with his aerial machines that pollute and put disorder in the subatomic particles of the subtle energy of ‘Life.’ Unconsciously man has knitted a net over the planet that distorts and disturbs the essential reception of the energies that emanate from other planets of the solar system and the Universe.

It is therefore necessary to create a communication channel to receive the Sound Current that will be sent to save the planet from total destruction. Through continuous performance of some Homas and Mantras such a channel could be built.”

For more information please contact:
email: Bruce Johnson

Tapovan – the Farm

The Tapovan farm is completely organic. No agro-chemicals of any kind are used. Instead we use the ash from Agnihotra and the other Yajnya fires as a means of enriching the soil and balancing the pH. Also we regularly spray the foliage of all crops and trees with Agnihotra ash/water solution for pest control and plant nutrition. This gives a boost to the organic compost fertilization program.

Many vegetables, herbs, trees and flowers are being germinated in our nursery using Homa Therapy techniques (seeds are treated with cow urine, cow dung and Agnihotra ash). All fruit, vegetables and herbs grown at Tapovan have an absolutely wonderful flavour. We believe this to be a result of the healing energy from the Yajnya fires.

What we have observed over the past few years is that with continual practice of Yajnya healing fires the harmony of Nature is restored in the vicinity. Unlike the situation with chemical agriculture, the insect kingdom is not decimated but automatically comes into balance. A striking example of this is the result we observed with our cotton crop. Local farmers say that it is impossible to grow cotton successfully without the use of large quantities of chemical insecticides. However, at Tapovan the predator insects keep the destructive insects in check.

Miracles in Tapovan

Miracles in Tapovan have been achieved in spite of temperatures up to 50˚C in summer and at times acute water shortage.